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Dr. Vidhya Venugopal   Dr. Vidhya Venugopal    Ph.D
Dept. of Environmental Health Engineering Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute Sri Ramachandra University Porur, Chennai - 600 116
Phone No:  9710830010
Email: vvidhya@ehe.org.in
Dr. Vidhya Venugopal obtained her doctoral degree in Environmental Chemistry from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) and did her post-doctoral training in “Metals in Environment” at Central Queensland University, Australia. While working at SRU as a Research Officer in Indoor Air Quality, Risk Assessment and Environmental Health areas she was awarded the prestigious British Cheverning Scholarship for Young Environmental Managers in 2000 and worked on Biomedical waste management practices in India and UK. Following this she worked as Research Scientist at Crompton Corporation Inc., Canada on pesticides. Subsequently at Johnson&Johnson, Canada she worked as a Research Scientist (R & D, Pharmaceutical Division) till 2009 where she worked on coordinating and conducting stability studies for drugs, Analytical method development for actives using HPLC. She held various positions in Health and Wellness committee, Ergonomics committee and Spill team at J & J.
Her fields of specialization include Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Project Management and environmental health risk assessment. Her responsibilities as a Professor at EHE include, coordination of all courses conducted by EHE, develop a nationally accredited Analytical Lab for Industrial Hygiene measurements and Environmental Monitoring, coordinating projects and providing analytical support for all exposure assessment activities related to research and consultancy projects of the department.
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