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Dr.Kalpana Balakrishnan   Dr.Kalpana Balakrishnan    Ph.D (BioPhysics)
Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, Department of
Phone No:  45928547
Fax: 24767008
Email: kalpanasrmc@vsnl.com
obtained her doctoral degree in Biophysics and subsequent post-doctoral training in Environmental Health Engineering both at the JohnsHopkinsUniversity, Baltimore, Maryland, and USA. Her fields of specialization include occupational and environmental health risk assessment, exposure assessment, industrial hygiene and industrial toxicology. As the head of the department her responsibilities include, coordination of all activities of the department with special emphasis on management of extramural grants, execution of all major research projects, industrial consultancy, and administration of academic and short-term training. She is a well recognized international expert in environmental health and serves many reputed organizations including The World Health Organization, The World Bank, and The Indian Council for Medical Research and The Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board in multiple technical capacities.

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